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SpendThrift Breed Secure

How Spendthrift's Breed Secure Program works

  • Breed with no stud fees owed until sale.
  • Once a sale is made at public auction, Spendthrift is ONLY eligible to get back the stud fee AFTER...
  • Any shortcomings are forgiven. If proceeds exceed the above numbers plus stud fee - you keep the rest!

If you don't profit, you don't pay.

What’s better for breeders, foal sharing or Spendthrift’s Breed Secure?

$7,500 season in
a Spendthrift stallion
$7,500 season in a stallion
from another farm
Auction Price (yearling) $100,000 $100,000
Breeder Receives $92,500 $50,000
Stallion Farm Receives $7,500 $50,000

How to earn your breeding right

To participate in the Spendthrift Share the Upside program the breeder will:

    Call and reserve your spot for the Share the Upside program.

  • EXECUTE your live-foal contract.

  • BREED for two years, have two live foals, and pay both stud fees when due.

IT'S THAT SIMPLE! Your free breeding right continues throughout the breeding life of the stallion, and there are NO ongoing expenses associated with your breeding right.


Available Share The Upside Stallions:

Stallion Roster

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