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Dear Fans,

It’s been raining for weeks here in the Bluegrass but we are finally seeing some sunshine! With that said, Beholder and Prince B have greatly enjoyed their time rolling around in the mud. The duo have officially been upgraded and moved to their large paddock with a buddy, Coup de Coeur. In the photos you will find a few of her (the grey mare) and her new foal, a colt by Spendthrift Sire, Brody’s Cause! Their days consist of 8 or more hours outside with their new paddock mates and inside the barn all night. Prince B has grown quickly and developed his own unique personality. Paul, our assistant broodmare manager and resident peppermint-giver (he is in the photos below), says Prince B is “fearless, brave…he runs around the field as though he’s asking everyone ‘you’ve heard of me, right?’ He owns the place.”

Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted a name for Prince B’s naming competition! We have had an overwhelming amount of submissions and are going through all of them. We will have updates on the contest soon. For now, enjoy the photos and we will post again soon!

The Spendthrift Team


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